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Your path to mastering a skill – the book you read, the podcast you listened to, the video you watched – is a gem of experience for those who are about to start the same path.

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Many Reasons To Start!


Change Lives

Many learners around the world want to develop new skills in themselves but can’t find the right path…



Many learners lose their motivation to continue learning due to the absence of an actionable path for mastering a new skill


Earn reputation

Develop your professional community, grow your expertise, and earn credit on each path you curate.

Earn Money by Creating Learning paths

Wisers can now generate passive income through their partnership with WiseShot, by sharing their knowledge and experience with other learners.

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How it works

Curate learning paths the way has worked for you – Build the path you believe helps other learners to gain new skills and advance their careers.


Click on Curate button

Decide on a topic that is relevant to your expertise, and plan how to curate it to be useful for your audience.


Complete 5-step path creation

The path you curate can be edited and updated from your profile at any time.


Publish your path

Your path will be accessible in our marketplace where you earn money and reputation from paid users.


Frequently Asked Questions

Get answer to your questions

How do I start curate a path on WiseShot?

First, make a free account. Then, to curate a path, in sidebar click on “Curate a Path.”

Who can curate paths on WiseShot?

Anyone can Curate a Path on WiseShot. You can share your expertise and knowledge about mastering a skill with others as a learning path. You earn reputations by learners who use your path.

Who can use my paths?

Anyone on the internet can see your path. If you want to keep your paths private, you can activate it on your profile.

What topics can I curate learning paths about on WiseShot?

Learning Paths are used by eager learners around the world. Whatever the topic, WiseShot helps you find the right audience for what you have curated.

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