Wisers' Partnership


Welcome to WiseShot, a platform where Wisers (experts) can curate learning paths and benefit financially from their knowledge. With WiseShot, you can make education easier, cheaper, continuous and more accessible for learners around the world. Your experience and expertise can make a difference in empowering learners and also bring financial gains to you.

Revenue Model

How much will I make as a Wiser?

WiseShot seeks to create a sustainable partnership with Wisers, where Wisers are paid monthly for creating amazing learning paths and bringing learners to the platform.

We’re always working to improve our model as we learn. Initially, as WiseShot members start your learning path and actively engage with it, you will earn. It means, your earnings are dependent upon the involvement of learners with your paths. When they are actively engaging with your path, such as by completing steps, sharing, and liking, you will benefit more.

  1. Sales occurring through Wiser promotions: Wiser receives (90% of the first month or 50% of the yearly subscription) revenue when the learners purchase their content using a Wiser’s coupon or referral link.

  2. Sales that do not occur through a Wiser promotion: Wisers whose premium paths are being used by learners are included in 45% of the subscription fee. These sales might occur after a user clicks on a WiseShot advertisement, or browses the WiseShot search for paths, where no Wiser coupon or referral link was used,

Please note these are revenue shares on the Net amount, which is the amount a learner paid less any applicable taxes.

WiseShot’s distribution system

Your path will appear in these places:

  1. On Search: every user has access to our search and they can find different verified learning paths according to their interests.

  2. Each Learning Path has a unique URL that contains all related information to the path. You can share this unique URL with your friends and on social media.

  3. WiseShot users receive a daily or weekly email digest, which contains a mix of recommended Learning Paths based on interests, follows, and learning history. Your Path may appear in your related audience.

  4. WiseShot continuously works on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and the submitted Learning Paths on WiseShot generally get high rank in search results on search engines after a while.

  5. Also, we have a fanbase on our social media, which verified Learning Paths introduced in these channels.

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