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Expert-curated learning paths help you:

  • To have a roadmap for learning a new skill.
  • Feel confident to master new skills.
  • Be a self-learner but also a community member.
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Experts curate learning paths based on content from platforms:


Time to efficiently learn new skills online.

Statistics show 94% of learners don't have enough motivation to complete online courses. Once we become distracted by wormholes, we typically need 25 minutes to regain concentration.


Without WiseShot


With WiseShot

Learn new skills without wondering where to begin!

WiseShot empowers you with efficient learning paths. Focus your time and energy on learning and growth, not finding right learning content.


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Filter your interests to get on your right path.


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Take a step every day!

Now you have a path with some steps that help you grow a little bit every day.

Become a Wiser

Curate professional paths.

Experts from around the world share their knowledge and experience with other learners as a learning path. Our tools make it easy to share your expertise, build communities, and earn income.


Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes WiseShot different from other learning platforms?

WiseShot is a learning platform that helps you to find a “learning path” for mastering a skill.

  • • Experts curate the paths based on their expertise.
  • • Each path includes content from multiple learning platforms such as Medium, Udemy, Youtube, etc.
  • • Paths include different formats such as watch, read and listen.

How does WiseShot empower you to be a self-learner?

With WiseShot you have a roadmap for mastering a skill:

  • • No need to spend more time figuring out what to learn next
  • • The expert is your role model for mastering the skill, and you have a clear vision of your future.
  • • By having a roadmap, you can better plan your learning.

How can I start a learning path?

  • • Search for a skill and filter it according to your interests
  • • Select your fit path and click on "start learning"
  • • Now you have a path to follow as you planned

Being a lifelong learner is the new normal!

Join WiseShot community of learners and experts to develop new skills in yourself efficiently and regularly.

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