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Hello & Good Day! | Greetings | Learn European Portuguese
How Are You? Fine, Thanks! 👍 | Greetings | Learn European Portuguese
Learn Portuguese: Numbers from 1 to 100 in Portuguese

Learn European Portuguese


As a beginner in Portuguese, I'm continuously share my learning path here everyday. My goal is to cover below subjects. - Practical sentences - Numbers - Pronunciation - Grammer

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Sina HN Yazdi
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Video editing workflow: How to do it properly
6 Ways to Edit Any Scene — Essential Film & Video Editing Techniques Explained [Shot List Ep. 10]
5 FAST & EASY VISUAL EFFECTS in Premiere Pro #01
8 Steps to Edit a Video in Premiere Pro (Start to Finish)
12 Most Used CUTS & Transitions in Hollywood
How I Organize Files for Video Editing in Premiere Pro
How to use MUSIC in a FILM PROJECT |
IMPROVE Your Videos With SOUND Design | Tomorrow's Filmmakers
How To Make Rough Cuts SUPER FAST - Video Editing Tutorial
THE POWER OF MUSIC IN FILM - How music affects film
How I Color Grade My Videos in Premiere Pro 2022 — (step by step guide)
How Does an Editor Think and Feel?
Ultimate Guide to Scene Transitions – Every Editing Transition Explained [The Shot List, Ep 9]

Six layers of film editing to help you get started


There are six layers in film editing: A-roll, B-roll, narration or dialogue, music, sound effects, and color correction. Each of these layers is described at a basic level in this learning path. At each step, you get familiar with one layer and practice it on your own film.

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Sina HN Yazdi
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Film/Video Lighting Terminology 101: A Crash Course
Bi-Color Lighting 101
Color Temperature Explained — The Cinematographer's Guide to White Balance & Color Temp Fundamentals
Types of Lights You'll Find on Film Sets – Lighting Pros and Cons
How to get Perfect In-Camera White Balance ? - Viilage Wisdom
Film Lighting & Camera Department Basics, How Photography Helped Him With Lighting Films, and Using Film As a Companion
Lighting 101: Intro to Light Placement
Cinematic Lighting 101 | How to Light Faces

All basic concepts you need to learn about film lighting


The collection begins with examining the terminology of film lighting. Next, You will learn about the color temperature, white balance, as well as light set up in the production stage. Then, become familiar with the different types of light you can use as a filmmaker. The final step involves a podcast based on sharing of lighting experiences in filmmaking. All the basic concepts you need to learn about film lighting

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Sina HN Yazdi
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10 Composition Rules In Photography | Rule Of Third In Photography Check It Out!
Cinematography: Framing (Part 1): Aspect Ratio and Compositional Principles
Cinematography Course: Shoot Expert Video on Any Camera
Composition Techniques For Better Images
Using Frame in a Frame for BETTER Filmmaking – Framing and Composition Tips & Examples in Movies
Breaking Down the Shot // Episode 3 - Focus, Framing & Composition
7 Tips for Cinematic Videography: Framing and Composition for Beginners
Enhance Your Composition | 5 Ways to Break the Rules of Filmmaking
Composition In Storytelling
Image Composition: Diagonal Lines
Villeneuve & Deakins on Visual Storytelling using Lighting, Composition, and Framing

The basic concepts in film Composition and Framing


Composition rules such as "rule of thirds", "leading lines", "golden ratio", etc. are included in this collection. You will also learn some other aspects of film composition, including focus, aspect ratio, and framing. Finally, you can take a course on Udemy to dig deeper into this subject.

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Sina HN Yazdi
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