Introduction to Physiology for Beginners

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- Understand the history and major branches of physiology - Describe the structure and function of the human body - Explain the concept of homeostasis and how the body maintains balance and stability - Identify and discuss the anatomy of the different organ systems of the body - Explain the effects of hormones on the body - Describe how the body responds to stress and how it affects us physically and emotionally

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What is physiology?
What is physiology?The Physiological Societyyoutube.com3 minutes

What you'll learn in this step:

Physiology. It keeps us ticking. It's the processes happening inside of us, and inside all the creatures with whom we share the planet. Physiologists work to unravel life's great mysteries, and solve global issues. Subscribe to our channel and follow us on Twitter (@ThePhysoc ) & Facebook (, to keep up with the science of life. Produced by Orinoco Communications Animation: Rosie Holtom Illustration: Alex Scarfe Sound Design/Music: Alexander Bradley Narration: Tamara Fairbairn Scientific advisors: Sarah Hall, Max Headley, Andy Powell, Clare Ray Director: Peter Barker

History Of Human Body Anatomy - Crash Course - Summarizing 5000+ Years Of Evolution
History Of Human Body Anatomy - Crash Course - Summarizing 5000+ Years Of EvolutionMedical Arts Officialyoutube.com5 minutes
Basic Anatomy and Physiology
Basic Anatomy and Physiologymedictestsmedictests.com5 minutes
Homeostasis - What is it?
Homeostasis - What is it?Dr. John Campbellyoutube.com14 minutes
1.3 Homeostasis – Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology
1.3 Homeostasis – Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiologynikkiandersenpressbooks.pub10 minutes
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