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Estimating market size | Business & Marketing Planning | Startups
Gross Margin | Formula + Calculator
List of 16 VCT investors active in 2023 | by Jonathan Hollis | Mountside Ventures | Feb, 2023 | Medium
TAM, SAM, SOM: fundamental market size metrics
What is Burn Rate, And How Do You Calculate It? | Bench Accounting
ARPU | Formula + Calculator
8 Steps to Creating a Competitive Landscape Analysis | Oktopost
Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC): Formula and Examples
How to Calculate Cash Flow | NorthOne
What is Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) | Definition, Formula & Calculation
How to do a startup valuation: 8 different methods  | Brex

Startup evaluation: how do you do it?


- Market size calculation - Competitive landscape analysis - Cost of user acquisition calculation - Customer lifetime value calculation - Gross margin calculation - Burn rate calculation

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Fahima Farahi
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What does a Director ACTUALLY do?
10 Screenwriting Tips from Wes Anderson on how he wrote The Grand Budapest Hotel Screenplay
Blocking and Staging a Scene From The Ground Up: A Complete Guide
Ron Howard: Teaches Directing
5 Skills A Movie Director Should Have by Choice Skinner
Film Directing Tutorial - How to Talk to Actors
Be a Filmmaker Who Edits.
What Makes A Great Movie Director? - David F. Sandberg
How to direct a movie -  blocking actors for realistic performances
Quentin Tarantino's Jukebox | How a Soundtrack Makes a Movie
10 Screenwriting Tips from Quentin Tarantino on how he wrote Pulp Fiction and Inglourious Basterds
Never Say This To Actors
There Will Be Blood | How to Stage, Block and Edit a Scene
10 Screenwriting Tips from Christopher Nolan - Interview on writing The Dark Knight and Tenet
Scene Blocking Explained | Director Tips to Block Your Scenes
How Kubrick, Spielberg, and Inarritu Stage their Scenes

Dare to be a film director


Directing a film requires a variety of skills. You need different skill sets to succeed in each phase, from scriptwriting to production to post-production. During this learning path, you are taught a general concept of the skills you need as a director in each phase of filmmaking. Keep in mind that your film grows as you develop your skills.

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Fahima Farahi
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Strategy Session: How to balance innovation with your core business? How to help others tell the story of your product? How to sell an audacious vision to risk-averse stakeholders? - Masters of Scale | Podcast on Spotify
Startups 101: Idea to Launch
What I wish I knew about fundraising as a first-time founder | by Preethi Kasireddy | Medium
The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed | Bill Gross
Fundraising Fundamentals By Geoff Ralston
LeanStartUps101 f.t Matteo Mosca - Painland, Solving real problems with The Lean StartUp Model  - StartUps 101  | Podcast on Spotify
Lecture 1 - How to Start a Startup (Sam Altman, Dustin Moskovitz)
The Lean Startup: How Today's Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses
Startup vs Small Business. What’s the difference?

What do you need to learn to begin a startup


Having a startup is like giving birth to a baby. So, It’s wise to have a proper planning of different phases of its growth. In this path, you can briefly learn what points you should think about in advance? How to plan for them? And how to develop them to reach the next step.

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Fahima Farahi
9 Steps
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3 Cinematic Looks With Natural Light
13 Film Lighting Techniques Every Filmmaker Should Know
How To: Cinematic Natural Lighting (Daylight Interior)
Feature Film Lighting - Behind the Scenes

Next level Film Lighting techniques


Using cinematic lighting techniques in production

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Fahima Farahi
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Film Framing Techniques for Photographers
What is 2:1 Aspect Ratio — Why David Fincher, Ari Aster, and More Directors are Switching to 18:9
Shot Composition 101 - 22 Types of Shots - Film Making for Newbs
Mr. Robot: The Art of Framing
Background and Framing for Talking Head Video
Rules of Shot Composition in Film: A Definitive Guide
Lenses, Composition & Camera Angles - Film/Photo Tutorial
Mastering Cinematic Compositions In Video & Film
Camera Framing Shot Composition & Cinematography Techniques Explained The Shot List, Ep 3 EDIT

The key concepts in Camera Angles and Aspect Ratio


As film composition is rooted in photography, let's start with framing techniques in photography. Afterward, discuss the different types of shots and the importance of backgrounds in this subject. Understanding the aspect ratio will help you convey the message more clearly. In the last 3 steps, we will look at a camera angle example, review the rules of film composition, and then dive deeply into the composition.

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Fahima Farahi
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