Python Unittest Tutorial

By Jaydeep Karale on youtube.com

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Learn how to write efficient and effective unit tests for your Python code using the built-in unittest module. In this tutorial, we'll cover the basics of unittest and show you how to use it for unittesting your Python applications. From test discovery to advanced assertion techniques, this video has everything you need to get started with unittest. Optimize your Python development workflow and improve the quality of your code with unittest. Don't forget to subscribe for more Python tutorials! The most detailed video you will see on Python's unittest module covering 1. Why unit testing is must ? 2. Setting up the first unit test. 3. Test Fixtures 4. Parameterize test cases using subTest 5. Mocking strategy using stubs, fakes, dummies, spy 6. Monkey Patching Link To GitHub Code https://github.com/jaydeepkarale/PythonUnitTesting-Part1