How to Realistically Decarbonize the Oil and Gas Industry | Bjørn Otto Sverdrup | TED Countdown

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This content is about the OGCI Climate Investments. It outlines the investments made by the OGCI, which is a group of 12 oil and gas companies that have committed to investing $1.5 billion over 10 years to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It details the investments made in 2020, such as the $20 million invested in the development of carbon capture and storage technology, as well as the investments planned for the future, such as the $320 million invested in the development of renewable energy and the $410 million invested in energy efficiency. It also outlines the $430 million investment in the development of new technologies and the $1.5 billion investment in research and development. Finally, it outlines the planned investments for 2025, such as the $25 million investment in carbon capture and storage and the $200 million investment in renewable energy.