FIRST CLASS FUNCTIONS 🔥ft. Anonymous Functions | Namaste JavaScript Ep. 13

By Akshay Saini on youtube.com

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Functions in JS are first-class Citizens, what does that mean? What is the difference between Function Statements and Function Expressions? What are Anonymous Functions? What are First Class Functions? What is the difference between Function Parameter and Function Arguments? These are just `Jargons` which are very popular in the JS community, so don't worry let's study everything in sweet and short 20 minutes power-packed JS tutorial video. I've also shared my interview experience and how the interviewer asked me these questions. So, watch this exciting video, I bet you'll love it. ❤️ If you are giving web developer interviews actively, there are high chances that you might find these questions in your front-end developer interview. Candidates have faced these questions in their interviews for Amazon, Facebook, Paypal, Microsoft, and many other big tech firms. The only request is to watch this Episode of Namaste JavaScript with full attention. 🙏 My tech gear I use every day - http://google.peek.link/2pba Timestamps: 00:00 - Introduction - My Interview Experience 02:00 - What is a Function Statement in JS 02:42 - What is a Function Expression 04:04 - Difference between Function Statment and Function Expression 06:00 - What is a Function Declaration 06:18 - What is an Anonymous Function in JavaScript 06:29 - Syntax Error & Anonymous functions 07:32 - Use/ Advantages of Anonymous Functions 09:28 - What are Named Function Expressions in JS 10:10 - Corner Case Gotcha using Named Function Expression 12:03 - What is the difference between Parameters & Arguments? 16:13 - First-Class Functions in JavaScript 17:27 - Functions are First-Class Citizens 19:58 - Info about Arrow Functions 21:46 - Teaser of the next video 21:58 - Thank you for watching Namaste JavaScript 🙏 Support this video series, NOT BY MONEY, but by sharing it with your friends. 🙏 I'll give my best to come up with great content and everything absolutely for free on YouTube. 😊 If you are active on Social Media, please give a shoutout to Namaste JavaScript and help me reach more people. 🙏 Cheers, Akshay Saini http://akshaysaini.in Would love to Stay Connected with you ❤️ LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/akshaymarch7 Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/akshaymarch7 Twitter - https://twitter.com/akshaymarch7 Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/akshaymarch7 #NamasteJS #AkshaySaini