Film/Video Lighting Terminology 101: A Crash Course

By LensProToGo on youtube.com

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In this step, Greg from Lens Pro to Go is teaching about lighting terms. Ambient light is the light that is in a scene or location before any additional lighting is added. Key light is the main source of light and fill light is a supplementary light used to lighten the shadows. Hard light creates strong, well-defined shadows while soft light wraps around the subject and gives softer shadows. Practical lights are visible lights used as props to illuminate the scene. Spot and flood are light sources projecting a narrow or wide beam of light respectively. Color temperature is the characteristic of visible light and is stated in Kelvin. High and low key lighting is lighting with very little shadow or very contrastive, dark shadows respectively. Contrast ratio is the ratio between the brightest brights and darkest darks in a scene. "