What Are User Interface (UI) Design Patterns?

By MARIA DE LA RIVA on careerfoundry.com

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CareerFoundry is an online school that offers programs to help people switch to a rewarding career in tech. Through their courses, students can become job-ready designers, developers, or analysts from scratch. They provide personalized guidance from two industry experts, a job guarantee, and 1:1 help from a career specialist. Their graduates come from all walks of life and go on to forge careers they love. Employers can also hire their grads for tech talent. UI design patterns are a part of their courses, which are recurring solutions to common problems in user interface design. They include problem, context, solution, and example elements. There are various categories of UI design patterns, such as social sharing, navigation, input/output, and content structuring. Dark UI design patterns are also discussed, which are patterns that trick users into performing a specific task unknowingly. To use UI design patterns, designers must define the problem and look through existing libraries to find a pattern that fits. There are various libraries to explore, such as Mobbin, UI Garage, UI Patterns, and Pttrns. Designers can also create their own UI pattern library.