3 Email Retargeting Steps: Win More Customers in 2021

By LAUREN MINNING on activecampaign.com

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Email retargeting is the practice of sending emails to people based on information about their behavior and interests. It helps you reconnect with people who are regular customers, inactive customers, subscribers who have never bought, and people who haven’t even subscribed but have visited your site. You can do email retargeting with triggered emails, or with retargeted ads on Facebook and Google. Gathering customer info is the key first step, as you need an email address to see what your contacts are doing. You can create segments for any groups you need, like 20-30 year old women who haven’t bought in 30 days, and send them helpful content. You can also use email retargeting for active subscribers to offer related products, and for cross-sell and upsell emails. Finally, you need to create your email retargeting campaigns, with ads, emails, and actionable CTAs. With the right email retargeting strategy, you can expect to recover about 10% of lost revenue.