Blocking and Staging a Scene From The Ground Up: A Complete Guide

By Matt on filmlifestyle.com

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Blocking is an important part of filmmaking that involves the positioning of actors on screen to create dramatic or comedic effect. It is essential for filmmakers to carefully plan how their shots are framed and where they’re going to place their camera so that they can tell the story with as little dialogue as possible. Staging a scene refers to the arrangement of elements on a stage, which can be manipulated for a dramatic effect. It includes things such as props, costumes, lighting, sound effects, and actors. Scene blocking is the process of defining where actors will stand and move on stage. It also includes deciding who has which props, how they interact with each other, and what their movement is like. General blocking tips is a blog post that provides helpful advice on how to block people on social media. It explains the two types of blocking, soft and hard, and how to report abusive or threatening users.