Higher-Order Functions ft. Functional Programming | Namaste JavaScript Ep. 18

By Akshay Saini on youtube.com

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Functional Programming is powered by Higher-Order Functions in JavaScript. And all this is possible because functions are first-class citizens in JS. This episode covers everything about Higher-Order functions and how they can be leveraged to do functional programming. ❤️ In this episode, we will also write a Polyfill for the famous map function. And not just this, we will also see what MISTAKE developers do in a Coding Interview and how you can avoid those mistakes. I'll take code examples and show you how to write optimized code in the Coding Round and impress the interviewer! 🔥 The only request is to watch this Episode of Namaste JavaScript with full attention. 🙏 My tech gear I use every day - http://google.peek.link/2pba 00:00 - Introduction 00:34 - What is Higher Order Functions? 00:57 - Code demonstration of Higher-Order Function 01:48 - Introduction to Functional Programming 06:20 - Mistakes people make in a Coding Interview 07:06 - DRY Principle - Don't Repeat Yourself 07:56 - How to optimize our code 14:07 - Beauty of Functional Programming 16:24 - Pollyfil for map function in JavaScript 21:51 - Recap of the episode 22:47 - Teaser of the Next Video 23:25 - Thank you for watching Namaste JavaScript 🙏 Support this video series, NOT BY MONEY, but by sharing it with your friends. 🙏 I'll give my best to come up with great content and everything absolutely for free on YouTube. 😊 If you are active on Social Media, please give a shoutout to Namaste JavaScript and help me reach more people. 🙏 Cheers, Akshay Saini http://akshaysaini.in Would love to Stay Connected with you ❤️ LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/akshaymarch7 Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/akshaymarch7 Twitter - https://twitter.com/akshaymarch7 Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/akshaymarch7 #NamasteJS #AkshaySaini