UX Design Vs. Product Design (Are They The SAME Thing?!)

By AJ&Smart on youtube.com

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UX Design = Product Design... Wait, WHAT?! 😱 Let's settle this once and for all! 🀯 What are the actual differences between a Product Design role, and User Experience Role...?! Increasingly we see both UX Design, and Product Design confused, muddled and used interchangeably, particularly on recruitment portals. But what are the key differences and similarities between these two roles, and why should you apply for the specific role, not the job title? In this video we give some tangible definitions, show how these two roles are very similar, and... how at the end of the day... these titles REALLY don't matter that much... If you're starting out in the design industry, there are increasingly more confused by all ambiguous job titles out there, then this is the video for you! We detail the 4 key reasons why titles like these don't really matter, and why you should focus on honing your application to the individual job requirements and the needs of the employer! If you want to stay ahead of the UX game, learn more about the UX design process, level up your career, and be in the know on the nerdiest, β€˜techiest’ things, sign up for our FREE newsletter here: πŸ“ https://aj-smart.ck.page/21100f1c73 πŸ‘€ Also if you haven't already, subscribe to our Youtube channel for weekly UX / UI / Career / and Design Sprint videos: ❀️ https://www.youtube.com/AJ&Smart?sub_confirmation=1 πŸ˜‰ Articles and links featured: 🀯 Interactive Design Foundation - Product Design: https://www.interaction-design.org/literature/topics/product-design πŸ“ Interactive Design Foundation - UX Design: https://www.interaction-design.org/ πŸ”Ž Ebay Job Ad: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/1996917237 Wayfair Job Ad (Was taken down πŸ₯Ί) Thanks for watching! ---- #UXDesign #UserExperience #ProductDesign Want more? Join 200,000+ people subscribing to our AJ&Smart YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram channels for free content to help you and your team do more valuable work. AJ&Smart is the #1 design sprint firm in the world, the official Design Sprint training partner with Jake Knapp inventor of the google design sprint and partner of choice for the world's most successful brands. UX Design Vs. Product Design (Are They The SAME Thing?!) https://youtu.be/vIBYqMrAIx4