This is Marketing Summary - 7 Animated Ideas (by Seth Godin)

By Improvementor on youtube.com

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The Lock and The Key" is about the importance of understanding your target audience before creating a product. "Frequency" is about Zig Ziglar's approach to sales by staying in one place for a longer period of time and building relationships with potential buyers. "Earn Your Permission" is about permission marketing, a strategy for delivering useful content to readers who have shown interest in it. "Price is a Part of Your Marketing" is about how different brands may charge different prices for the same product based on the emotions they evoke. "Status is a Primary Driving Force" is about people's need to care about their social status and how it affects their decisions. "Nobody Needs Your Product" is about the importance of understanding customer needs and how they relate to the product. "The Difference Between Direct and Brand Marketing" is about the two main types of marketing and the differences between them.